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We Are Different!

After working the past few years in some of the worst staffing crises, we were driven to be a part of the solution. We recognized that most of our serious issues in long-term care were stemming not only from the lack of staff but from the significant deficit in knowledge among the staff members. After hours of research and fieldwork, it was determined that we were going to create a better way to train the next generation of healthcare team members.


Our nurse aide training program is based on over 30 years of cumulative experience shared between our nurse trainers, current best practices for nurse aides, and proven deficits in long-term care education. We pride ourselves on being the first local company that offers a flexible online training course, setting our students up for success in their healthcare careers. 


This program was created with the hopes to resolve significant staffing deficiencies in nursing homes, increase patient care quality, and place willing, competent people into the healthcare workforce. We are excited to offer our expertise in this field to make a step ahead of the competition.

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